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People 1st Advisors

​​​​​​Who We Are


Founded in 2017, People 1st Advisors (P1A) is a Chicago-based, veteran-owned private investment firm that deploys its own capital into a growing portfolio of people-centric small and middle-market businesses.  The company has achieved outsized financial returns by extracting hidden value and unleashing it through proven leadership.

What We Do


We buy businesses with revenue between $2.5M to $50M.  We pay market rates, traditionally do not use brokers, pay cash and we close on time, every time, once we agree to terms. We are happy to furnish references upon request.

" I didn’t want to sell my business to traditional private equity - it wouldn’t have been in the best interest of the management team & our employees.   P1A was different and the simplified approach made all the difference.  It has been amazing to see the results 1 year later post close…accelerated growth, investment in people & active leadership by the P1A team.”

- Tom P., Owner Anchor World Services

​​​​​​Business Owners


P1A applies its experience to drive outsize financial returns by investing in people-centric businesses in small and middle markets throughout the US in attractive geographies.

We partner with owners, investors and stakeholders to apply innovative solutions enabling accelerated growth, profitability and differentiation in the marketplace.

Image by Riccardo Annandale



From time to time, acquisitions arise that will not be fully filled with our current investors and we are open to interviewing future partners. You’ll find out about us, our companies and what our operating or offering memorandums state: we are committed to delivering outsized financial returns for you.

Interested? Get in touch with us now.



Employees are the heartbeat of our organizations. We don’t know anything other than being honest, transparent, and dedicated to our staff’s success in order to ensure our customers are best served.  

We are proud to provide healthcare, educational reimbursement and professional development for ALL of our employees in each of our markets.  We believe deeply in growing and nurturing our team members, while giving them every opportunity to grow with our company.  We have had numerous business leaders promoted from within to branch president or general manager levels and many still run our businesses to this day. 

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